Where’s Johnny?

Entertainment blog Radar Online caused a virtual uproar Wednesday when it announced the retirement of beloved Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson. 

According to the sites report, Nicholson is quietly retiring after over 50 years of work due to memory issues.

Though Nicholson’s camp has neither confirmed nor denied the claim, according to imdb.com, Nicholson has not been in a picture since 2010 and there are no upcoming projects documented.

The Oracle editors have compiled a list of their favorite Nicholson flicks as a tribute to the great actor. 



He set the bar really high with his portrayal of the Joker. He was so good that until Christopher Nolan, directors refrained from casting the role again in a Batman flick.

– Adam Fenster, Sports Editor

“The Bucket List”


The Bucket List was one of the best end of life movies I’ve seen. It was also the first movie that made me cry.

– Roberto Roldan, Assistant News Editor

“Mars Attacks!”


Always known for his humor, in this sci-fi comedy, Nicholson shows his acting range as well as his slapstick humor. Here he will be remembered with his character’s dying words, “Can’t we all just get along?”

– Alex Rosenthal, Managing Editor

“Anger Management”


He was a hilarious co-star with Adam Sandler. He was a great fit for the role.

– Ali Leist, Opinion Editor 

“The Departed”


It’s just a great film. Scorsese and his actors were on fire. Nicholson stole the film with his portrayal of Frank Costello.

– Adam Mathieu, Co-photo Editor

“One Flew Over 

the Cuckoo’s Nest”


With an impressive list of movies showcasing his ability to play maniacal characters, this one takes the cake. Jack is so believable in this that he should be in a padded room.

– Mike Mallory, Assistant Sports Editor

“As Good as it Gets”


This movie confirms Nicholson’s status as perhaps one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. The same depraved madman from “The Shining” pulls off a “dawwww shucks” role with great ease.

– Divya Kumar, Editor in Chief

“The Shining”


I cannot hear Nicholson’s name without images of him axing through the door and saying “Here’s Johnny,” flashing through my head. Nicholson plays psychopath really well.

– Shaunda Wickham, Montage and Scene & Heard Editor