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Bedbugs found in BSN building

Bedbugs were found in the Business Administration building (BSN) last week, according to an email sent out by College of Business Dean Moez Limayem on Thursday. 

A student who said he was bitten in classroom BSN 118 made the first complaint on Aug. 26. 

“The Dean’s Office immediately reported the concern to USF’s Environmental Health & Safety and Physical Plant divisions, who responded promptly to investigate the site,” Limayem wrote in the email. “When they confirmed the presence of bedbugs in one location of the classroom, the room was immediately closed.  Within approximately an hour a professional pest control company responded and treated the room.”

The exterminator, Limayem said, determined the infestation was isolated to BSN 118.  Another complaint was made later in the week on Thursday morning. 

In the email, Limayem said the second bedbug was discovered in a common area on the second floor of the building. Physical Plant was called and treated the area, and a second exterminator was brought in to assist with the treatment and to check the rest of the building for any other bedbugs.

“I want to stress that at this time we have no knowledge of any additional presence of the bugs but believe it is best to take every precaution possible to verify,” Limayem wrote in the email. 

Students who have
additional questions regarding bedbugs on campus may contact Beverly Douglas, interim director of USF’s Environmental Health & Safety department at (813)-974-7986.


– Staff report