Poster, social media promote Kim Kardashian lecture hoax

A photo of a fake event poster advertising “an evening with Kim Kardashian” created online discussion Tuesday morning, and throughout the day many students took to social media to discuss their plans to attend or apprehensions about the truth of the event.

The poster, featuring a headshot of Kardashian, promoted a lecture titled “Marketing Yourself to the World,” which would be held in the Marshall Student Center (MSC) Ballroom on July 14 at 8:00 p.m., a setup similar to that of lectures presented by the University Lecture Series.

“Join us as Kim speaks about her journey to success,” the poster read. “Kim will talk about the importance of time management, self-promotion and entrepreneurship. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event!”

MSC employees quickly disputed the claims the poster promoted, and posted on MSC Facebook and Twitter pages that the poster was fraudulent and the event would not be happening.

MSC Director Sujit Chemburkar said though the poster was not posted in the MSC, the staff still searched the entire building to find it.

“The staff went around looking for it and had the same kind of reactions (to the post) that the students did,” he said.

Chemburkar said if the poster had been posted in the MSC, it would have been taken down and thrown away immediately. Upon hearing about the hoax, Chemburkar said he thought it was an interesting prank. The creator of the poster has yet to be identified.

“I’m pretty sure (Kardashian) just had a child, so I’m sure she’s not dropping that to come to USF,” he said.

— Staff report