Scott to veto tuition hikes, asks for university support

Gov. Rick Scott will sign the $74.5 billion Florida budget into law Monday, according to the Associated Press, but will veto a 3 percent university tuition hike, despite the possible legal challenges it might pose to the authority of what universities can charge for tuition.
The AP reported that Scott’s veto message states that he worked to put himself though college, and students can graduate and be hired without “massive debt.”
“Just as we are proud to be one of only a few states without a state income tax, and one of only a few states that have cut taxes and paid down state debt, even in tough budget years, we should also be proud to keep tuition low,” Scott wrote, according to the AP.
Last week, Scott sent a letter to all 12 public State University System presidents requesting their signed commitment to not raising tuition this academic year, according to an article in the Miami Herald.
He gave university presidents a deadline of last Friday at 4 p.m. to respond to the letter, but no consensus was reached by then, despite a conference call Friday
According to a proposal on the agenda to be presented to a USF Board of Trustees workgroup on Thursday, USF does not plan to request additional differential tuition increases, but the university factored in the 3 percent base increases in its calculations. Fees will also increase by approximately $50 per student per year.
A USF spokesman said last week the proposals were subject to change based on the governor’s final verdict.

-Staff report