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Four ways to help victims of the boston marathon bombing


In the midst of tragedy, many people are searching for ways to help the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. Because Tampa is thousands of miles from the city, many in the area feel too distant to lend a helping hand.

While everyone should be aware of fake charities and scams, even from approximately 1,500 miles away, USF students along with the Tampa community can show their support for the city in various ways.


1. Blood Donations

Bloodmobiles are hard to miss when they are parked next to one of USF’s busiest buildings – Cooper Hall. However, those vehicles connect someone’s desire to give to those most in need. Giving blood is one of the most obvious was to help those struck by disaster, not only in Boston, but also across the country. And there’s usually a free T-shirt or movie ticket involved.

Even if students are a bit too squeamish to have a needle go through their veins, help can be given by spreading the word of the need for blood donors.



2. Red Cross monetary donations

Native Floridians know how important the Red Cross can be during a time of disaster or chaos, and this time is no different. There are multiple ways to send a monetary donation to help the 174 injured and families of the three killed in the bombings. A text message to 90999 will automatically donate $10 to the cause or students can visit the website at


3.Runners’ charities

Many people may or may not know that each runner in the Boston Marathon was running to raise funds for one charitable organization or another. A worthy way to contribute and honor the victims is to donate to one of the 35 charitable organizations that the runners were raising money for. Donations in the runners’ honor can go to groups from the Boston Arts Academy to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


4. Runners unite

There were over 500 runners from Florida running through the streets of Boston yesterday. A local social running club called “Running for Brews” plans to show their support for all of the runners and spectators by wearing a racing bib — the sign that typically displays their number in the race — for the rest of the week, which commemorates the skyline of Boston and the date of the bombing. The club is free to join, and uniting with them to show support for fellow runners is one of the easiest things to do. More information can be found at their website