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Peeps, smell-o-vision and kids dating: Viral videos of the week


Spring has sprung and a new wave of viral videos has emerged. This week, elementary school dating and peeps have invaded social networks.

1. Get the Guy: kids talk dating problems

As wise-sounding as the phrase “If I only knew then what I know now” can be, for most, it likely wasn’t said until the time of their first twenty-something relationship crisis. However, this week’s viral video simply titled, “Get the Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems,” was made as a promotion for an upcoming release of the book “Get the Guy,” set to be released on April 9. The book claims to set itself aside by giving advice of women on what they can do when trying to find “the one” as opposed to what they can’t do.

The banter between three elementary school-aged girls is two minutes long as they continue discussing Mr. Hard-to-get, otherwise known as Johnny. The entire video is reminiscent of the 2009 flick “He’s Just Not That Into You.” The adult subject matter doesn’t go too far, as the kids keep it PG with topics such as the “friendzone,” cooties and the stress of the give-and-take
of relationships.

2. Peeps meet their violent demise

The creation and release of Vine — the video version of social networking apps — has been relatively small of the overall scale of social networking. However, in light of the Easter weekend’s passing, a series of Vine videos went viral. The topic of those videos? Marshmallow peeps — an Easter season signature candy — meeting their demise in the most violent ways and all fitting into a well-edited, six-second clip to be placed on Vine. Melting by scalding hot water, being crushed by a Jenga game and being nailed to a wooden board by a screwdriver are just a few ways that the delicious seasonal treats meet their untimely end.

3. April Fools’

Of course we can’t leave out the April Fools’ Day videos that are an annual springtime hit. It is refreshing to see one of the world’s most powerful companies have a little good, clean fun on what can often become a holiday that people take too far.

“Google nose” was a seemingly useful tool developed by Google, that would give users the ability to search and gather information by way of “a 15 million sentobyte database of smells from around the world,” according to engineering lead, Doug Smith. It sounds like a fantastic idea, but it looks like the world will have to wait a bit longer for “smell-o-vision.”