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Legislature indicates restored funds, considers 6 percent tuition increase


According to an article in the Tampa Bay Times, proposals from House and Senate leaders indicate next year’s budget could include a full restoration of the $300 million cut from the State University System (SUS) last year and more than $100 million in additional funding, some of which will be performance-based.

The article stated that the House was also considering a six percent base tuition increase, though Gov. Rick Scott expressed strong sentiments against raising tuition earlier this year and the SUS presidents through the Aim Higher campaign stated they would not request for tuition increases in the full $300 million was restored in addition to $118 million in performance-based funding.

Legislators also questioned the need to fund Florida Polytechnic University, the SUS’s 12th public university, which was separated by the Legislature from USF last year. Last year, USF lost about $37 million in state funding, though initial proposals were made to cut close to $79 million.

At the last Board of Trustees meeting, USF President Judy Genshaft remained cautiously optimistic.

“It’s still early,” she said. “But it’s not last year.”


— Staff Report