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An article’s headline in Monday’s issue of The Oracle stated “Bedbugs found in Mu Hall, four students relocated.” The article continued to state that no bugs were found after a visual inspection of the room, but a canine inspection “detected the possibility of bedbugs” in multiple locations in the room and housing officials asked residents of the suite to relocate so the room could be treated to eliminate any bugs or bug eggs. The article was correct; the headline was not.

The same article in Monday’s issue stated that “Housing and Residential Education could not be reached for comment at the time of print.” A Communications and Marketing officer for the Department of Housing and Residential Education returned The Oracle reporter’s call on Friday, though the reporter did not receive the message until Monday.

The same article referred to the Department of Housing and Residential Education as the “Office of Housing and Residential Education.” Housing and Residential Education is a department, not an office.