USF Dining responds to student complaints


After a photo of an undercooked piece of chicken purportedly served in the Juniper Dining hall spread across Facebook early Wednesday morning, USF Dining Services released a statement Friday afternoon via Facebook to address concerns about the quality of its services and said Juniper Dining’s management team had been replaced. 

“We were surprised to hear some of the things you told us, but I want you to know that the entire USF Dining Services team is committed to delivering a quality program,” Tom Williamson, resident district manager for USF Dining Services, said in the statement.

“First, let me address any health concerns you might have,” he said. “Serving safe, nutritious quality food has always been our top priority. Our dining facilities are inspected each quarter by the Hillsborough County Health Department and have always passed inspection. Our most recent inspection was (Thursday). In addition, all managers are required to take and pass a food-handling course before they are permitted to begin work.” 

In the statement, Williamson said Juniper Dining is now under a new management team and that a team of senior food service directors and executive chefs from other universities in Florida were brought in to review the dining hall’s menus, production and safety standards.

The Facebook photo collected more than 1,100 likes, 200 shares and 250 comments, and created  discssion online as students shared personal stories about the dining halls. USF Dining posted on its Facebook account that a forum to allow students to voice their opinions would be held today at 5 p.m. in Juniper-Poplar classroom 1319. 

– Reporting by Elizabeth Engasser