Bulls sustain losing streak

And the streak continues.

USF (10-16, 1-13) took Big East basketball to Queens, NY on Wednesday night to take on St. Johns with hopesof ending an eight-game losing streak.

But those hopes werequickly put to rest when the Red Storm (16-10, 8-6)handed the Bulls a69-54 defeat that will push USFs winning drought to nine games.

While USF shone in thesecond half, giving St. Johns a tough time, the Bullssoon made it easy for themto get out to a huge lead.

Down by 16 points athalftime with the Bullstrailing 33-17, chances attheir first win in over a month were bleak.

St. Johns looked strongearly, going on an 8-0 run. About five minutes in, it turned into a 14-2 run.

It wasnt looking good for the Bulls.

But USF sophomore guard Anthony Collins sent in abasket that sparked some life into the Bulls. Collins went on to hit a three that brought the Bulls within six points.

St. Johns made sure USF didnt get comfortable.

An 11-0 run by the Red Storm made that clear,especially when they closed out the half on a 14-5 run.

Momentum was nonexistent for USF in the first half.

The ball couldnt seemto find its way in for a Bulls team that shot just25 percent from the field.

The second half provedto be a different storyfor USF, as it outscoredSt. Johns 37-36, but itproved to be too late fora rebound something that the Bulls may be used to after this

Going 48 percent in the field and 50 percent from three-point range wasnt enough. Even USF juniorforward Victor Rudd, who scored 13 points with sevenrebounds, couldnt pump enough life into the Bulls.

Rudd finished the night as the lead scorer for USF, with 18 points, Collins coming insecond with eight.

With just four minutes to go in regulation, the Bulls were within10 points.

But as USF proved through the conference season,closing out and gainingmomentum in a game has proven to be thebiggest weaknesses for the Bulls.

USF will have to waitanother week before they can taste the possibility ofvictory. And the Bulls are in no doubt hungry for that W. USF still has another game on the
road, tipping off withPittsburgh next Wednesday at7 p.m.