Getting around: A guide to an alternative Valentine’s


Whether it is for food, drink, classes or dates, everyone has a distinct preference for what he or she prefers. If you’re still stumped when it comes to a Valentine’s date with a someone special and want to unique plans in addition to dinner and a movie, The Oracle has a list of local events for a unique alternative Valentine’s Day.

For your inner child

The state fair serves as a close-by miniature theme park, running today until Feb. 18. If Valentine’s Day calls for a little adventure, a couple of fast-spinning, high-flying rides, music and copious amounts of fried food will be available for only $5 a ticket after 5 p.m. The Florida State Fair will have everything from dog races to basket-making exhibits, encouraging kids of all ages to enjoy themselves in Tampa. 

For the transportationally-challenged Valentine’s date

If you are like many at USF, and stuck without an appropriate form of transportation, head to the USF dining hall for “Two can dine on $12.99.” The deal lasts throughout February and applies to Bulls Den Café, Juniper Dining or the Fresh Food Company on campus for a casual USF-themed Valentine’s Day date.

For the sports fan

Sports never stops for a holiday – especially not Valentine’s day. Any sports-loving couple would be wise to take advantage of the Lightning game happening on Thursday, and use the game as a unconventional Valentine’s date to remember. Avoid packed restaurants and cliché romance and opt for a fun night cheering on the home team at the Tampa Bay Times forum.

For the single person

If you are looking for a taste of something other than your own salty tears stop by Café Hey on North Franklin Street for sweet treats inspired by sour
reality. Café owner Anne Vela uses her personal experience for creative inspiration in developing her cupcakes – the “It’s Not You, It’s Me,” made of corn cake with banana fondant, the “Long Distance Relationship” with bittersweet pink grapefruit glaze and black tea cake and the “I Am Soooo
Happy for You!” made with bitter melon and aloe, it is white on white cake with pearls and sparkly sprinkles. At $4 for four and $10 for for 10, the cupcakes add a bit of a consolation for the lonely on the Hallmark holiday.