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Kosove residence hall no longer for all upperclassmen

As housing applications open for current students for the 2013-14 school year, upperclassmen will find the Kosove residence hall eliminated from the on-campus options to choose from.

Kosove residence hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, was the cheapest option for upperclassmen students looking for an apartment-style, on-campus residence hall, but is now listed as a housing option for transfer students.

According to the USF Housing website, a double room in Kosove for the 2012-13 school year cost $2,632 per semester, and a single room cost $3,448.

Kosove currently houses 254 upperclassmen with 2 to 5 people per apartment that includes a living area, kitchen and bathroom. While Iota and Zeta residence halls were the cheapest options for upperclassmen suite-style residence halls for the 2012-13 school year at a rate of $2,136 a semester, all other apartment-style options cost students $3,348 a semester.

Nathan Hoffman, a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering, said he enjoyed his first semester living in Kosove.

I picked Kosove because there are no carpets to worry about, there is a kitchen, it is close to Argos dining hall and it is small and affordable, Hoffman said.

Last semester, someupperclassmen were deniedon-campus housing when Housing received more
applications than available beds.

Housing applications opened for current students Wednesday evening, according to an email sent from the Department of Housing and Residential Education to students livingon-campus. Students who plan to live on-campus during the 2013-14 school year need to apply and submit a $50 application fee before Feb. 21.

Options listed on the housing website available to upperclassmen students for the 2013-14 school year include suite-style residence halls Cypress B, Iota, Maple and Zeta. Apartment-style residence halls available include Cypress C, Cypress D and Magnolia.

Amber Crosby, a sophomore majoring in nursing, said she liked the low cost of living in Kosove and disagrees with its removal as an upperclassmen option. Crosby said she shares a room with her friend in the residence hall to save money.

They shouldnt do it, said Crosby. I had no experience as a freshman in suite-style and it isnt fair for them to take housing from upperclassmen when they just got a new building (Juniper-Poplar).

The Department of Housing and Residential Education declined to comment in person or via phone unless a list of questions was emailed in advance.