USF student welcome bargains from Wormtown

There are two ways to acquire fun, unnecessary trinkets for entertainment as a college student pay excruciatingly high prices, or stake out a campus event and hunt for any sign of the word free.

This week USF students found a wallet-friendly compromise to get some unique products a haggling and bargainingsystem with the Wormtown TradingCompany.

Incense, hacky sacks and saddlebags were sprawled out across multiple dingy, fold-outtables in the StudentServices Breezewayoutside the USF bookstore. The companys main salesperson, Bryce Gundy, and University of North Florida student Jessica Seniger, stoodattentively as students curiosities pushed them to ask about the products.

Holding up a hacky sack, a student asked the price.

Ten dollars, Gundy, who eventually took a few singles for the miniature beanbag, said.

The goods range from mortar and pestle sets to tapestries and jewelry all globally imported.

Fast forward to seven years later, and Gundy has broken off into her own sect of the now12-year-old Wormtown Trading Company.

Joining her on campus isSeniger, who met Gundy when she visited UNF last week.

I met up with her at a festival at UNF and she invited me to come help and travel, Seniger said. The drive down here was kind of long, but it was still in Florida.

Gundy has traveled more miles in herseven-year adventure thanshe can remember, but said she feels like she always has items that interest
college-age people.

Ive probably been to 20 or 25 schools all over the country, and I always go back to the same ones, Gundy said. Ive traveled 900 miles in a day.

Gundy, who lives and sells out of her van, said she is the only person in the company who sells full time and said thetraveling lifestyle isgenerally a good gigto have.

On Tuesday, Gundy and Seniger had one of the best days theyve had at a college campus,attributing much of their success to the
receptiveness andcuriosity of USF students.

Today I more than doubled what I madeyesterday, Gundy said.

The Wormtown Trading Company is on campus today and will have their usual assortment ofunusual goods.