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Letter to the Editor: Re: “Students find parking, appeals process ‘confusing'”

I am going to start by saying something that will make most of USF angry at me: USFs parking problem is not PATS, it is you.

There is plenty of available parking at USF. As PATS has revealed before, there is nearly always
available parking for each permit type somewhere on campus. While making use of these spots may require walking a longer distance, students should welcome the extra exercise to combat the Freshman 15.

Regarding the appeals process, it may surprise some to learn that inconvenience is not a valid defense when breaking the law. While the fight for freedom and justice often requires civil disobedience, this tactic should be reserved for genuine injustice and evil in the world not abused by the slothful.

Even if you disagree with everything I have said, please understand one thing complaining changes nothing. If you have clever ideas to make parking an easier, less stressful process at USF, I am sure that PATS would love to hear them. But please understand that construction is expensive.

And despite what you may think about the parking fees, it really is that expensive to maintain the campus transportation infrastructure. I recommend that everyone unsatisfied with the status quo take a look at Facilities Plannings Master Plan for USF and examine what is already recommended. Make your own recommendations. Petition USF to make specific, cost-efficient improvements.

Use your voice for something other than whining.

Donald Hayward is a graduate student in management information systems.