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Jo Koy talks about life on tour

After 20 years in thecomedy circuit, Jo Koy has gained notability in the stand-up world.

Since being one of very few comedians to receive a standing ovation on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Koy has become a recognizable fixture on Chelsea Handlers late night talk show Chelsea Lately and in comedy clubs across the country.

The Oracle spoke with Koy about his upcomingperformances at the Tampa Improv from March 14 to 16. Tickets are $25 for general admission or $55 for VIP tickets.

The Oracle: How long will you be on tour?

JK: Until the end of the year. Im going for it; its the only way to go. If I dont do it, I have to remember where I was before. Do I want to be on the road? Or do I want to be at Nordstrom Rack getting shoes for people?

O: Do you have any plans of doing a college tour again?

JK: I love the clubs too much, you know? Theres something about being in a club, the club environment. But with a
college, they dont provide you with the stuff that you need when you perform.

Sometimes theyll get you just like this makeshift
ballroom, and theyll build a stage for you. It just doesnt feel the same. The vibe isnt the same. You go to a
comedy club and its built for comedy, and people are there
for comedy. Its a lot of fun.

O: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while on tour?

JK: Having to book my flight over, because I ended up
passing out in New Jersey. That was the worst. Every eligible flight was booked. I ended paying a couple grand for like a middle coach seat. That was the craziest. But I had a blast, dont get me wrong.

O: Have you ever had any crazy fan experiences?

JK: Yeah, Hawaii. I never understood why people had to change their names. But a
couple of chicks found out what hotel I was at, and start banging on my door at 2 a.m. (In a feminine voice) I know youre in there. Oh my God. Oh my God. I know youre in there. I had to call security.

O: How do you find new material?

JK: Its not about finding it. Im not scared to talk. So if I have an idea, Im just going to say it. If it bombs, it bombs. Ive gotten to the point where I can deliver it and sell it. Im not scared to talk about a
topic. I dont know how to
explain it, thats why its
always fresh, and theres
always something new in my act. I like have an hour and 10 minutes to kill on stage. I dont mind trying out some new s—, you know what I mean?

O: How does your family like being part of your

JK: My mom always thinks theres not enough material about her. I always do about 10 minutes on her, so come on.

O: What about your son? Has he reached the age of
being embarrassed that his dad has talked about his ting-ting to the world?

JK: Yeah, Ive stopped talking about it, you know? Its been awesome, but every time we go out, someone always says, Oh my God, is that Ting-ting? My son just kind of smiles. He still likes it. He thinks its funny. But I dont talk about it anymore. Im on to other stuff that humiliates him just the same. But hey, hell get a
college career out of it. He gets to go to college for free. He gets to live a good life.

O: Have you ever thought about getting into acting?

JK: Yeah, I want to. Its
every comics dream. Ive had several opportunities, but its just hard in this business. Its catching that break. You have to keep pushing. Its my
20th year. But I cant give up. God bless Chelsea (Handler) for giving me such a beautiful
opportunity. She has stuck with me for this long, and Im still a part of the show. It makes me happy.

O: You and Chelsea have a great dynamic on the
roundtable. Do you guys have the same relationship off
camera as well?

JK: I think shes like that with everyone. I dont know what it is about her and me, but I think there is always that little something extra. She is always going for my jugular vein. I love it. Shes great, a great boss.

O: You have a show every week, but do you have any other projects coming up?

JK: I am working on this new hour for Comedy Central. When I go on the road that is what I am working on. I know that I am that much closer to shooting that special. My last special, Lights Out came out in April. So we have to let that breathe for like a year. So were looking at like early 2014.