USF strengthens partnership with Draper Lab

The partnership between Draper Laboratory and the University of South Florida has recently strengthened due to a new affiliation agreement that is set to startimmediately.

The agreement, which has been approved by USF President Judy Genshaft and CEO of Draper Laboratory James Shields, will allow Draper Lab staff to serve as adjunct professors in selected programs at USF and allow Draper Lab scientists to share USF facilities and equipment.

Jeremy Singer, media relations manager at Draper Laboratory, said on behalf of Shankar Sundaram, director of the Draper Bioengineering Center, the motive behind Draper Lab initiating the new agreement was a desire to formalize the partnership and facilitate collaborative research, student research supervision and shared facilities with students and faculty at USF.

Singer said the agreement will likely increase the presence of Draper staff on campus, in areas such as research labs and the Library. He also said that Draper currently has four USF students serving asDraper Lab fellows along with many USF student interns.

Over the past four years USF and Draper Lab, a not-for-profit engineering research and
development organization, have partnered with the intent to generate greater collaboration in research and development with one another.

Allison Madden, director of research foundation operations, said the university wanted to continue building on the relationship that has already been developing over the years.

The programs that will be most affected will be engineering, neuroscience, health, and communications, said Madden. Students will gain more insight into what research is like both academically and corporately by being able to work with scientists at Draper Lab.

Kara Barker, a junior majoring in psychology with a minor in chemistry, said shes thrilled by the furthering of the partnership.

I want to go into research after I get my bachelors, so I think its great, Barker said. (If I work for Draper Labs), Ill be gaining experience while still being in a learning environment.