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Boot camp fitness: Overcoming the obstacles

When I began thejourneyinto weight loss, I was so excited.

I knew I was going to stay on track and none of my past excuses were going to get in the way. My motivation was too high and my health was too low to give up.

I knew the journey wasnt going to be perfect and I knew there would be bumps along the way, but I didnt expect a bump to happen so quickly into my quest.

Its been two weeks since I joined PEM 2930 Boot Camp Fitness and Ive only been to one class since.

The Monday I joined was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but I was able to attend the following Wednesday.

The panic only subsided mildly as I made my way to class. Though I knew what to expect the second time around, I still knew I wasnt the most fit person to be doing such an intense workout.

Along with the physical limitations I set for myself, I also began psyching myself out with a constant fear of what other people may be thinking of me as they saw me work out.

I am by far the most out of shape student in the whole class. Knowing this sent a nagging sensation through me every time it was my turn to complete an exercise. What were the other students thinking as my fat behind jumped in the air for half of the class to see? I had to stop. I knew continuing to think like this would only deter me from wanting to continue to reach my goal. If I kept having thoughts like that it would eventually spiral down to a point where I could just give up.

I let my self-consciousness subside and blocked what I feared everyone was thinking. I focused on me, eventually realizing that what the others thought of me didnt matter. I remembered the reasons why I was doing this in the first place. What mattered was that I get healthy and set a good example for my son.

I continued on, and it was anything but easy. The whole thing was difficult from blocking the negative thoughts to physically completing the exercises without feeling ill.

I am still at a beginners pace, and that is okay. I am doing it, and that is all that matters.

After that class, I couldnt wait to continue my plan and was pumped for my first meeting with my personal trainer.

Unfortunately, that meeting did not go as planned.

My son came down with the flu, and I was soon to follow. My original thought was that my symptoms were mild, and I planned to brave the runny nose, aches and congestion.

Only 15 minutes into the one-hour session, I was done. I was battling my mild symptoms, which had mutated to nausea and a persistent cough.

The trainer sat me down and explained to me that he thought it was awesome I was finally committed, but that I needed to take it easy until the illness passed. He said everyone has their limits and in order to get healthy quicker, a person should not pass them. While I wanted to push myself, I was taught that I had to accept my limits and in this case, allow my body to heal.

Luckily I get a fresh start this Friday.

Even though he told me not to push myself, I could not bear to sit around and do nothing. So almost every day, I made time for a light work out for at least 30
minutes. I walked on the treadmill, reaching its maximum speed. I also rode a stationary bike for about 15 to 20 minutes at a low speed.

Though I have not been able to give my 100 percent, I have still already lost five pounds during my journey.

It bugs me to know the number could have been higher if I didnt have this bump in the road, but Im happy I have lost that.