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Musical comebacks you cant ignore

Remember when Destinys Child and Justin Timberlake were making mid-tempo music about love?

No, this isnt a 90s flashback though it certainly soundslike one.

Only 15 days into the New Year, two major comebacks have already been announced a new single from Justin Timberlake and a newcompilation album from the Destinys Child trio.

Both announced the upcoming release of new music last week, after exceeding a half-decade hiatus since they released songs.

When Justin Timberlake said I do toJessica Biel late last year, hearts of millions oftwenty-something women broke into tiny shards that could only be rebuilt by the soulful music of JT himself. His new single, Suit and Tie, featuring Jay-Z (now the husband of Destinys Childs lead singer Beyonce) attempts to separate the nameJustin from the term Bieberfever.

The song itself has unfulfilling lyrics, asmeaningless as it is meant to be soulful. The sound takes the opposite direction of his electronica-inspired 2006 album
FutureSex/LoveSounds, and produces adisco vibe, which, while fun and sure to be a hit and the trendiest high school prom doesntallow Timberlake to showcase his naturally soulful voice.

Suit and Tie seems to progressively improve upon itself, and gets about as good as it is destined to until Timberlake hands the reigns to Jay-Z tofinish off the song. Balance goes out the window after the typically on-fire Jay-Z clashes with the vibe of the song and turns to a mid-tempo cameo that seems to divert the attention fromcatchiness that Timberlake created.

Destinys Child, on the other hand, has spent the last seven years going solo, getting married,judging reality shows and singing on Broadway. Beyonces career flourished as she remainedcurrent, and it seems Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland the other two members of DC are hoping to ride Beyonces wave of relevancy.

Their new compilation album features their first single since 2004, Nuclear. The Pharell-produced tune evokes hopes of the epic return of the 90s trio, but abrupt tempo changes within the first 30 seconds of the song remind listeners just how long its been since we heard from the Change Clothes rapper also.

While the classic Destinys Child harmonies are back and still as pleasing on the ears as they used to be, Nuclear is missing the energy and fierceness that once embodied and united all three women.

Since their releases, bothsingles are undergoing harsh and evenlydivided critiques from both fans and the musicindustry. Luckily, they have the rest of 2013 toredeem themselves. Here is to hoping both acts up their game in upcoming releases.