New year, new resolutions

It probably isntsurprising that one of the top New Years resolutions this year is, once again, to get in shape especially after the massconsumption of holiday food.

And while the urge to delve into the last batch of holiday candy still lingers, the Campus Recreation Center has already seen an increase in gym-goers resolving to live a healthier lifestyle.

This year an average of 3,300 people per day came to the gym during the first three days of this semester 500 people more than the average attendance.

It never fails, saidCampus Recreation Director, Eric Hunter. With each new year there are plenty of new people interested in bettering themselves.

Taylor Hamm, a juniormajoring in health science, is a regular gym-goer, but this year he resolved to attend the gym more frequently to reach for personal goals.

I want to get in tobetter shape and lift more than I already do now, Hamm, who already bench-presses 300 pounds, said.

Though the gym may be packed, bothHunter and Hamm agree that wait times for exerciseequipment are minimal.

Hamm said he went to the gym three times this weekalready, and at first, wasslightly annoyed with theresolutioner-crowd.

I had to wait to use atreadmill or an elliptical for a while and the weights were packed in every area, Hamm said, but added that his wait time did notexceed 10 minutes.

Last year the Rec Center underwent a majormakeover when it tripled in size from 7,000 square feet to21,000 square feet. The$1.2 million that went towardpurchasing new fitnessequipment is being put to good use since the new year began, and has helped make the Rec Center far more comfortable.

The expansion seems to have accommodatedeveryone, Hunter said. And weve also recently opened the new satellite facilities inMagnolia hall, which is far more convenient for residents.

The Rec Center started the new year off with a fitness expo on Tuesday in order to make students aware of theresources available to start 2013 on the right foot.

We want to show thestudents that this is the time to start getting healthy, said Hunter.

Besides New Yearsresolutions, Hunter credits the large influx in gym members to two other factors new transfer students exploring the campus and the lightness of class loads that come with the beginning of the semester.

Regardless of the reason, Hunter said he thought one simply had to be brave enough to go into the Rec Center, with his top hint for new gym-goers being moderation. Pushing the body too far can result in major physical injury, and can make a good resolution go wrong.