Employee crashes car into Morsani Center

After accelerating over a curb, a 74-year-old hematologist who works at USF Health, reportedly drove his black Cadillac into an office on the north side of the Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Health on Thursday.

Joseph Jackson, director of managed care and clinical facilities at USF Health, said the driver jumped the curb and smashed through the wall and window, hitting a metal post on the way.

The damaged wall was for a single office space, Jackson said, and the occupant was luckily across the street working in another office on campus.

Jackson said the driver intended to parallel park and had no recollection of what happened or why it happened after exiting the car.

Joe Cole, a valet at the Morsani Center, said he and another valet ran up to the driver after the accident.

The condition of the driver was unknown by UP and USF Health at the time of print.

It seemed like he was still pressing the accelerator when we ran up, so we told him to turn the car off, Cole said. He was fine right when he came out, he didnt have any scratches or bruises on him or nothing. He was just a little dazed and confused on what had happened. He was really not sure what he did, or what had happened.

UP spokesperson Lt. Charlotte Domingo said the police report is complete and no charges were pressed against the driver.

As of Friday afternoon, Jackson said there were no estimates on how much damages would cost, but the damages are a priority project that will be fixed within the week. The office that was damaged is closed off, with the broken windows temporarily sealed.

Additional reporting by Shaunda Wickham and Elizabeth Engasser.