Strange ways to prepare for the end of the world

Whether or not one believes the world will come to an end on Dec. 21, it can never hurt to be over-prepared. Some have been preparing more than others, though. The Oracle looks at some of the most creative ways people have prepared for what they think will be the end of the world.

Start a business
When a portent of a rapture in which believers of God would go to heaven while others would remain in a hell on Earth surfaced in May 2011, according to a Christian evangelist a group of animal-loving atheists, Eternal Earthbound Pets USA, had a plan: for $135, and $20 for each additional pet, these atheists, who swore their
atheism in writing, would promise to take care of pets after a subscriber was raptured as long as he or she paid
up front.

However, if a subscriber lost his/her faith and/or the rapture occurred and subscriber is not raptured the website claimed no responsibility in refunding the subscriber. However if a subscriber died prior to the rapture, the group promised to honor its commitment to the subscribers pet.

Though at one point the owner told NPR the business had 267 clients, after he was subpoenaed for operating an unauthorized operation of insurance, he stated the site was a joke and had only two clients, who when they
contacted the group were told the company did not have pet rescuers in their area. The site now says it is no longer an operating business. However, for the innovators among us, it has blazed a trail.

Stock up
Featured on the National Geographic Channels show Doomsday Preppers and in the New York Times, Dennis and Danielle McClung have been preparing for doomsday-like scenarios since the possibility of Y2K in 2000. Since then, they have created their own ecosystem in their suburban Phoenix home, where they own over 1,000 tilapia in their pool, eight chickens, two goats and a countdown of the Mayan calendar playing on their flat-screen TV, according to the Doomsday Preppers website.

While Dennis doesnt expect to die after possible calamity hits, the shows website says he is prepping for coronal mass ejection in 2012 that would likely take out the electrical grid and knock civilization back to the Stone Age. They sell products such as freeze-dried foods, nuclear anti-radiation tablets and water filtration systems at

Protect yourself
Atlas Survival Shelters,a Florida-based company, released a one-of-a-kind 32- by 10-foot steel tube in October that can be buried up to 20 feet underground and host a family of four, according to the Huffington Post. For about $60,000, one can purchase a fully furnished tube, but for about $36,000 one can attain the basic model. Both models guarantee chemical, biological and nuclear protection. In case the apocalypse passes, company reps sa the tube can provide people with an off-the-grid experience. For $10 million, Vivos, a California-based company, is offering 20,000-square-feet luxury bunkers that guarantee nuclear protection.

Find company on Craigslist
While its not quite the heartwarming tale of Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Craigslist users in the Tampa Bay area have also been seeking companionship in case the end is nigh.

Yup looking to have sex at least once more before the end of the world, and hey if it doesnt even end then its a
win-win situation lol, an anonymous 22-year-old,who said he was disease and drug-free, posted.

Some people simply used the idea as a conversation starting point.

Is the world going to end soon?? a Craigslist user posted. alot of ppl say it is. and I dont know because im not god… The user then proceeded to ask for sexual favors.

But others simply sought like-minded individuals.

Is anyone out there prepping for possible upcoming disasters predicted for December 21, 2012?, one poster asked. I am. And, I would like to partner with other like-minded people. I … would like to find others who live close so we can work together to get through any possible things that may occur.