Faceoff: first lady fashion

As trivial as it may seem, fashion of the first lady has a valid role in politics.
Image is important, and the leader of the U.S. and his family need to represent us in a manner that
supports a positive image and reflects the values they stand for. The effort put into the style of dress is a display of confidence and is ultimately the most important aspect that can be achieved through fashion.

So which candidates wife wins the fashion battle?

Michelle Obama
Throughout her husbands four-year term and the campaign for this election, Michelle Obama has been fashion forward, as style seems now more than ever to play a pivotal role in how candidates are viewed.

In a society where image is everything, it has become important for the First Lady to pay great attention to how she dresses. Since the 2008 recession, as the world struggles to set itself afloat, the dress of choice for Michelle Obama is one that doesnt sacrifice style for fiscal responsibility.

She has been seen wearing picks from Gap, J. Crew and Zara. Boarding a plane in June, she was spotted wearing a $30 dress from Gap. During a visit to Chicago she donned an H&M creation a striped, burgundy, black and white belted dress.

Savvy choices like these make her more accessible and relatable to the everyday woman who may own similar pieces. This removes the sense that the first family is out of touch with the American people and their struggles. Her sense of style serves as a reflection that she understands a bit of what the middle class experiences.

Obama also mixes the occasional high fashion piece into her wardrobe. Her appearance on the fashion scene has been a positive one as she promotes American businesses.

Tom Ford, Barbara Tfank and Thakoon are just a few desigers she samples during events with the president.

At the Democratic Convention in 2008, Obama wore a cocktail dress by up-and-coming Chicago based designer, Peter Soronen. At the convention four years later she wore a cocktail dress by designer Tracy Reese.

Ann Romney
Throughout the campaign Ann Romney has made her fashion mark clear. The stay-at-home mother and
grandmother began demonstrating her competency in the fashion game very early in the 2012 campaign.

At the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Romney donned an Oscar de la Renta red dress belted at the waist, showing she wasnt afraid to wear bold colors and make a statement with her attire. Her purple pattern Diane Von Furstenberg dress also displayed Romneys penchant for well-known designer labels and an eye for fashion.

But she doesnt gravitate to popular designers alone.

She has branched out to unknown designers as well, shining a prominent fashion scope on their pieces. Alfred Fiandaca, a previously unknown designer to American households, rose to prominence when Romney and others began wearing his designs, most notably a red taffeta shirtdress in Lakeland for a post-convention rally. She exudes style and grace with her classic, feminine silhouettes, but adds a modern twist with her color, pattern and accessory choices.
Its no secret that Ann Romney and Mitt Romney are proud of their religion, and they make sure to tie that into many aspects of their public image, including their wardrobe. Ann Romneys conservative style shows that a lot of skin does not need to be revealed to achieve a modern look. Often, she dons high necklines and quarter-length sleeves on her event dresses.

This is not to say that Ann Romney doesnt have a daring side. She recently rocked another Fiandaca ensemble on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in a daring laser-cut leather biker-style skirt and jacket.