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What you said: Election 2012

Oracle photographer Jasmine Abney interviewed four students at random in the Marshall Student Center to see who they would vote for. This is what they said.

Im voting for Obama, because from the way the media displays Romney, theyre showing that he doesnt care about the middle class and that hes really only caring about the people who are already on their feet. I feel like Obamas changing, but we just have to give him a chance.

Nishant Kardani, sophomore majoring in Information Technology

Im voting for Obama because Im Mexican, and so far he has better political views toward immigration reform and Im really hoping he can help my people out with the Dream Act.

Yesenia Vega, sophomore majoring in architecture

Im voting for Gary Johnson because recently Ive been reading a lot on the Internet, getting into the debates … A lot of the candidates today, namely Romney and Obama, have presented themselves as two opposing sides arguing back and forth when really they agree on a lot of the same issues. Gary Johnson wants to pull people out of the wars, especially all the secret wars that no one knows about … In my mind libertarianism is in the best sense for America because not only does it focus on social issues, it focuses on economic issues and brings the best of two parties into one party.

Jason Jagosh, senior majoring in marketing and management

I am not voting because my registration, I havent actually changed it to Tampa. I dont believe that either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will do anything for the City of Tampa that will leave any lasting change. With the time Id spend changing my registration, standing in line at the ballot box or going back home to vote, I would be able to do more than either of them would do for the city.

Clayton Cullaton, USF alumnus