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Rep. Ross encourages students to vote

In an effort to educate student voters before Election Day, U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-District 12, visited students at the College Republicans meeting in the Marshall Student Center (MSC) on Wednesday.

You have to be motivated. You have to be appalled and upset with what were leaving you, Ross said. We trusted and relied on those in public service to do that which we thought was necessary for our government. Unfortunately today we see where that led us.

Rossexpressedhisconcern for the college students generation. It baffles him, he said, that the government has to use tax payer dollars for student loans, Ross said.

The Republican attendees agreed with his message.

I thought he was a bit of amav-erick, Emily Schwab, a seniormajoringinfinanceandmarketing, said. I liked how aggressive and honest he was. Hes very to-the-point. We need more of that in Congress.

Ross said he is ready to agree with the president on tax policy in that the successful and wealthy should be paying a fair share. However,hesaidhewantsaclearerdefinition on what the President means by fair share.

He said by broadening the tax pace, the U.S. will see morepeo-plego to work and an increase in revenue to the treasury.

Ross said he is optimistic with

the elections coming up in less than 13 days.

If this election happens the way it should happen and we win the White House, we continue to maintain the majority of Congress and if were fortunate enough to get the senate, this Republican Party must practice the principles that it has preached for so long.

Jessica Hartwell, a junior majoring in political science, said one of her favorite things about Ross is that he is not a career politician.

He built himself up and hes truly for the people, she said. Hes going to vote because of what he feels is best for America. We need people like that in Congress.

He also had words ofencour-agementfor the budding political hopefuls.

Do not let the fear of finding work get in your way, he said. Let the motivation and the passion for who are you clear the path for you. I promise you will find it.