Wayans brothers joke about real issues

In a night filled with four-letter words, vulgar humor and crazy antics, students continuously laughed at comedian brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans.

The Homecoming Stampede Comedy Show featured the Wayans brothers at the Sun Dome Tuesday evening. The brothers are most widely known for their roles in White Chicks and Scary Movie.

The first of the two brothers to perform was Marlon Wayans, who joked about topics such as college life, drunk girls and former professional basketball player Michael Jordan. He also encouraged students to go out and vote in the upcoming election.

At one point in his act, Marlon used profanity to watch the interpreter on the side of the stage sign what he was saying for the audience.

Emma Griffith, a freshman majoring in chemistry, said she enjoyed the performance and getting to see the Wayans brothers perform on campus.

I was surprised that they discussed President Obama, and I enjoyed what they were saying, she said.

Next on stage was Shawn Wayans, who humorously critiqued topics such as hip-hop music and Lil Waynes lyrics, along with teasing his brothers and the worries he has for when his daughters grow up and begin dating.

Shawn pantomimed a melodramatic portrayal of a girl obsessed with him, who ultimately ended up traveling through outer space, dog sledding and hopping over electric fences.

Daniel Hamilton, a junior majoring in health science, was appointed to be Spirit Chair for the Homecoming XVI events.

My role is to get the audience pumped up, get everyone comfortable and give everyone some Bull spirit, Hamilton said while encouraging students in the audience to do the wave.

The doors opened for the free event at 6 p.m., which was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Students from the homecoming committee tried to get the crowd excited and show their school spirit.

A group of students involved with the homecoming committee gathered on stage before the performance and began to teach the audience a new dance they had created. Students who participated in learning the dance were given free gifts from the Homecoming Street Team, such as sunglasses and drink koozies.

I loved it, and I thought (the Wayans) were hilarious, it was definitely worth the trip and the wait, Alta Joseph, a senior majoring in French and international studies, said.