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High cost for Ludacris After Party performance

Like his song Money Maker, rapper Ludacris and his DJ will make a considerable sum later this week when they perform at the Homecoming After Party $106,500 in Activity and Service (A&S) fees.

Best known for rap songs such as Stand Up and Get Back, which have led to sales of more than 20 million albums, Ludacris will be paid from the fund to which each student pays a $7.00 flat fee in addition to an $11.28-per-credit hour fee.

This year, SG allocated $407,570 in A&S fees for the total budget for homecoming, specifically with the hopes of bringing bigger name acts, Jenna Kelly, program coordinator for the Center for Student Involvement, said.

But some students arent convinced that Ludacris is relevant enough in the music scene anymore to tow a bill that size.

I wouldnt pay to see him personally, Tiffany Martinez, a junior majoring in public affairs, said. He has a lot of energy, but they could have found someone a lot cheaper to perform and someone more appealing to a wider audience.

Kelly said Ludacris would be appealing to many students, with his new album, Ludaversal, coming out later this year, and that he is known by the vast majority of students.

The rappers previous album, Battle of the Sexes, was released in 2010, featuring his song My Chick Bad, with Nicki Minaj.

Bands like Linkin Park wouldve been better, or I wouldve preferred Jay-Z or Eminem, Martinez said.

But others said they were willing to foresake name recognition for more variety that may have appealed to more students.

For that much money they couldve paid for two or three performers, Samuel Morris, an undeclared freshman said.

Kelly said Ludacris was selected based on responses from students in surveys who indicated they wanted to hear artists like Ludacris.

We looked at different options for the after party, Kelly said. Our biggest factors in deciding are pricing and availability, but our number one factor is student demand. We knew he had a good following in the hip-hop and rap genres, and those genres are where students have wanted to hear more.

Student body president Brian Goff said the conscientious decision of SG to increase funding for the Homecoming artist would allow students to get more out of a fund they already pay into.

The funding would allow for a more grandiose event and bigger names to come, Goff said. Students would be able to feel like that they are getting their moneys worth.

Former student body president Matt Diaz, who had a more direct role in the this years budget planning said the Activity Services and Recommendations Committee decided to put the money toward more memorable events for students, such as the University Lecture Series, Bullstock and Homecoming.

Our students deserve the best performances, he said.