Letter to the Editor: Trustee criticizes USF football

I read Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman John Ramils response last week to the latest football loss and came away surprised. Surprised because football losses are considered disgusting and unacceptable. We are all frustrated by the outcome of this season so far, but is this the biggest issue facing USF?
You know what is disgusting and unacceptable? The fact that there have been two reported rapes on campus this year, the fact that tuition has seen double-digit increases for the last several years, the fact that only 52 percent of USF students graduate in six years, the fact that private concerts at the Sun Dome take priority over student and faculty parking, and I could go on.

USF has progressed tremendously in the last several years, and the BOT is to be commended for that. But if we saw the same kind of passion and strong disappointment expressed by the BOT members toward USFs other shortfalls, there would be a much stronger push to improve this university and we would be much better off football and otherwise.

Toby Thomson is a senior majoring in biology.