Letter to the Editor: Justin Long’s visit to USF

It is great to see role models for Americas youth addressing important issues like the rising costs of
education, the War on Drugs and illegal immigration. These are all important issues in our election but I, along with thousands of youth across the country, think there is one important thing that both the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns have failed to address time and time again, and that is the issue of climate change and clean energy in America.

Florida youth and climate leaders across the country are running the Power Vote campaign this election year to make sure young people get out to the polls and vote with clean energy as a top priority.

We are calling on our politicians to stand up to dirty energy and present platforms with clean energy futures in mind. These do not include false solutions such as coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. Energy independence means clean and renewable energy from sources like solar and wind that focus on sustainability and long-term solutions. These issues are connected to and as important as issues regarding health care, the economy and education.

This election year, citizens are concerned about our planets future and our politicians should be as well.

What will Obama and Romney administrations do to move beyond fossil fuels and address our generations greatest challenge the climate crisis?

Shaza Hussein is a senior majoring in environmental policy and chemistry.