5 Relationship websites you should know

If searching for someone on Facebook is considered stalking, posting your relationship woes on the Internet is taking it to an entirely new level. The natural progression from PostSecret and Dear Photograph has lead to the world of crowdsourcing relationships and allowing strangers of the online world to serve as temporary circles of friends.
The Oracle looks at five of the creepiest websites for borderline obsessive romances.
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1. AreTheyReallySingle.com
Geared toward the ready-to-commit crowd, AreTheyReallySingle.com takes online
stalking to a whole new level.
If you are tossing and turning at night wondering if that special guy or girl has a spouse and kids somewhere in Nebraska, this is the place to go. Just short of hiring a private investigator, AreTheyReallySingle.com provides a biography on anyone for a small fee of $9.95. But if an admirer pays to pull up an entire report on that special someone’s life, they may not be “the one.”

2. CouplesSpark.com
Voting in the election is not the only way to let your voice be heard. CouplesSpark.com is a forum of relationship conflicts. Anonymous venting is encouraged on the website’s “venting page,” with subgroups of the most common venting topics, such as religion, politics and mothers-in-law.
With this website, there is a little more incentive: Badges similar to those of social networking app FourSquare are given to the registered members who participate the most.

3. WotWentWrong.com
One should always be suspicious of a website that encourages you to “live vicariously through the
dating lives of others.”
WotWentWrong.com serves as an all-around relationship outlet for anyone who has a question or story to tell, covering many topics, from the art of picking someone up to tips for bedroom conversation. There is also a polling section for those who need quick answers for relationship situations in real time.

4. HeTexted.com
It’s not uncommon to find yourself asking for help in how to respond to a text message from a potential crush. That’s what friends are for, right?
If you don’t have someone next to you in your time of need to assist in texting a witty and adorable response back, take it to HeTexted.com. For  all your cryptic text message decoding, you can submit your text message and find out if “he’s into you,” “he’s not into you” or “verdict is still out.”
Don’t worry guys, you can also “Ask a Bro” questions about your girl problems.

5. DontDateHimGirl.com
DontDateHimGirl.com puts a new spin on social networking.
Encouraging the empowerment of informed women, this website is half about relationships and half about making a community of women come together to share advice on multiple life topics that can affect a woman’s love life. DontDateHimGirl.com may be worth your time scouring the page, as it was featured in multiple magazines such as “Elle” and “GQ,” as well as television stations “E!” and “CNN.”