Seven strange trends we hope dont catch on

In a strange world where much of the unthinkable becomes mainstream, The Oracle takes a look at seven trends we hope will quickly fizzle and burn.

The face-kini
Basking in the sun may not be for everyone. But if sunblock isnt enough, and the fair-as-a-Victorian-maiden look is whats vogue, then staying away from the beach is a far classier option than the face-kini that caught on in some provinces in China this year. The brightly-colored, bathing-suit material ski masks paired with full-body wetsuits are clown-like.

Butt Chugging
This trend is just plain dangerous, not to mention repulsive. After the University of Tennessee (UT) suspended a chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity for butt chugging, hopefully common sense will kick in. Chuggers claim that pouring alcohol via rubber tubing into their derrieres helps them get buzzed quicker. But by bypassing the liver and entering straight into the bloodstream, the buzz can be lethal. The UT Pike at the center of attention had a blood alcohol level of almost 0.45, nearly six times the legal limit, according to the Huffington Post. The patient, then taken to the hospital, also had severe rectum damage and was treated by sexual assault nurses, according to a Tennessee news outlet.

Bagel heads
While botox beauty queens have grown commonplace, this trend that has caught on in Tokyo is more frightening than attractive. The trend of injecting saline in a bagel shape into ones forehead has allegedly been going on for years, according to an episode of Taboo, a show on Natural Geographic that ran last week. A form of body modification thats apparently on par with tattoos and piercings, heres to hoping the saline-filled syringes dont stick. The only homage to breakfast foods should be lumps in tummies not foreheads.

Return of the Fedora
Unless ones first name is a state and last name rhymes with phones or one has potential to be the next successful Gonzo journalist, fedoras beg for something to have their hats hung on. From the college hipster to the casual hat enthusiast, this hat has become all too common, but still stands hopelessly out of place and screams pretentiousness.

Hula Hoop purse
While Coco Chanels huge hula hoop purse seems to be getting all the buzz from her spring 2013 collection launched in Paris, unless one intends on a wiggly-hipped workout on the go, this is a purse to leave at home, or even better on store racks. While interesting in concept and design, the purse is large enough to fit Mary Poppins herself, making it wholly ridiculous and impractical.

Photos of children being eaten by animals
What is cuter than seeing little Tommy get devoured by wild animals, thought nobody ever. But apparently, somebody with a wacky sense of humor has, as this trend has been spotted across the Internet. Visitors to sites like Reddit, imgur, Facebook and Twitter have witnessed countless tykes that appear about to be ingurgitated by zoo or aquarium animals behind a glass barrier. While this trend has never had much humor, in light of the 70-year-old Oregon farmer who was eaten by his hogs, it needs to come to a stop now.

Gangnam Style dance moves
Though it might be too late for this one, there really is no place outside of a horse stable, elevator or flashmob for Gangnam Style dance moves. The hip-gyrating, galloping moves from South Korean rapper PSY have been viewed on YouTube more than 350 million times since the video went viral earlier this fall. While the Korean lyrics aside from Eyyyyyyyyy, sexy lady, are quite indecipherable to most Americans, the over-the-top, punched-out moves are universal. But if you cant beat them, join them, and bring out fake lassos, stiff jumps and elbow-to-face moves, because this might be the most enjoyable of the weird trends catching on lately.