Catching up with freshmen first weeks

After the sold-out football game against FSU on Saturday, freshmen on campus have experienced many of the realities of college life, and are preparing for midterms.

The Oracle follows up with three freshmen Nestor Gamez, majoring in biomedical sciences, McKinzie Step, majoring in English and John Wilson, majoring in political science to ask about their first few weeks at USF. This is the second article in the series.

The Oracle: Hows college so far?
Gamez: Its going good. Im finally getting the hang of things. Im still trying to figure out how and when to study.

Wilson: College is going fine. I havent gotten lost and Ive pretty much established my daily routine.

Step: Im having the time of my life, and Im adjusting well.

O: How was Week of Welcome and all its events?
Step: It helped me get acclimated. I focused on meeting people and now they are best friends that I talk to all the time.

Gamez: I saw all the cool events, and I would have liked to attended more events.

O: How are you getting involved on campus and staying active?
Wilson: I am considering an internship opportunity with the Secret Service in downtown Tampa.
Gamez: Rushing seemed like a cool idea, but I dont want to do it this year. I plan on joining (Pre-med American Medical Student Association) to get involved in the community and network for future careers.

O: Are you having any troubles with college expenses?
Gamez: College is expensive, and I need money. I dont want to rely on my parents as much, so I got a part-time job after classes and on weekends.

Wilson: Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures help with tuition, and as a commuter student, finances havent been a problem for me.

O: Midterms are coming up soon, and by now youve already had your first exam. How was that?
Step: I came out like a champion. I studied hard and aced it. I even tutored a few kids.

Gamez: I thought it was going to be more challenging. I studied extra hard because I was scared of it.

O: What did you think of the FSU football game?
Gamez: It was very exciting and fun. The game was packed with a lot of people and a lot of energy. It was like a competition between fans, and we stayed strong, representing USF even after the loss.

Step: FSU was No. 4 in the rankings, but I stayed optimistic. Ill always have faith in the Bulls.

O: Have you had any more memorable experiences since the start of the semester?
Gamez: All I do is homework and go to the gym. I get to sleep sometimes if Im lucky.

Wilson: Based on what Ive experienced, missing class is not nearly as impactful as it was in high school. I was home sick for a week, but classes dont meet every day and a lot of information
presented during class can be obtained through Blackboard or a friend.