UP releases updated information on Kappa Hall sexual battery

New information on the Sept. 19 sexual battery in Kappa Hall was released Wednesday evening with a composite image of the suspect in an email alert sent by University Police (UP).

The original community alert email sent to USF students on Sept. 20, stated the sexual battery had occurred around 6:50 p.m., though according to the update the victim entered Kappa Hall at 4:07 p.m. and the attack occurred in the first-floor vending room area 124A between 4:07 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.

In the new release, based on further investigation and interviews, the suspect was described as a white male, 5-foot-10 to 5-foot-11 feet tall, 180 to 190 pounds, with shaggy brown hair and sunken in eyes.

The new release also said the victim reported the suspect had no facial hair, was wearing dark green cargo shorts and a gray T-shirt and had an odor of Axe body spray or deodorant.

UP is still actively pursuing leads and devoting all possible investigative resources to the case, UP spokesman, Lt. Chris Daniel, said.

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