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Top Tuesday Album Releases

While Kanye West and Carly Rae Jepsen will likely steal the attention of tomorrows CD releases, The Oracle considers a few others that shouldnt be overlooked.

Michael Jackson Bad: 25th Anniversary
Michael Jackson loyalists should flock to the release of the three-disc, 25th anniversary edition of the classic Bad album that sold between 30 million to 45 million copies since its release in 1987.

While one disc will satisfy the Jackson puritans, with recordings of his live renditions of classics like Dirty Diana, Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror, from Wembley, another disc will satisfy the more adventurous, featuring French and Spanish versions of I Just Cant Stop Loving You, and remixed versions of Bad featuring Pitbull, Afrojack and DJ Buddah.

Listen to “French I Just Cant Stop Loving You.”

Pink The Truth About Love
With Pinks latest album, gone are the days of the punky teen who sang about Saturday night parties. The Truth About Love, Pinks sixth album, reflects the artists more mature side, angst-ridden with the injustices time has brought to her.

Blow Me (One Last Kiss), released in July, already rocketed to No. 6 on Billboards Top 100 list as the anthem for all angry people cursing their good fortune with a refrain of Just when it cant get worse, Ive had a s— day, youve had a s— day, weve had a s— day.

Are We All We Are promises to have radio-catchiness potential with its repetitive phrases and lyrics like, We are the people that youll never get the best of, that have come to represent the angsty yet uplifting tone of her recent hit singles.

Listen to “Blow Me.”

The Killers Battle Born
After a two-year hiatus from performing and recording as a band, Battle Born carries influences from their last album with a rejuvenating fresh sound. Flesh and Bone, the first track on the album reeks with the bands lyrical prowess, reminiscent of 2010s Human. As the song philosophically asks and answers, What are we made of? Flesh and bone, lead singer Brandon Flowers vocals about a dark horse running in a fantasy and running out of time seem possibly reminiscent of the aging bands future. Runaways, which has already become a fan-hit, is less Mr. Brightside and more Dire Straits-esque, but the lyrics and vocals render a tale of energized, young love that cant wait til tomorrow.

Listen to “Runaways.”

Divya Kumar

Nelly Furtado The Spirit Indestructible
Holding true to her past dance hits like Promiscuous and Maneater and her vocal strength showcased in 2002 Grammy-winning Im Like a Bird, pop singer Nelly Furtado released her latest album today.

The album opens with its namesake single Spirit Indestructible, that will both inspire listeners and make them want to dance. Similar tracks on the album, such as Waiting for the Night and Parking Lot are certain to be playing at dance clubs, day and night.

Others tracks, such as Dont Leave Me, Be OK and Thoughts draw on varying musical styles, including reggaeton and hip-hop, that will be sure to please all audiences.

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Alex Rosenthal

Ben Folds Five The Sound of the Life of the Mind
Ben Folds enjoyed success as a solo artist after the Ben Folds Five trio split in 2000, with the releases of his albums Rockin the Suburbs and Songs for Silverman, but the three are back together in this release the groups first in 13 years.

The title track starts off sounding like tracks from Folds solo days, with heavy, slow piano, but picks up and brings in the talents of drummer Darren Jessee and bassist Robert Sledge. Its poignant lyrics follow a girl, Sara, who prefers to stay at school so that she can hear the sound of the life of the mind, rather than a cacophony of pregnancies, foam fights and TV.

The rest of the album is worth a listen, and brings fans back to the familiar sound of the trios older days.

The Sound of the Life of the Mind

Listen to “The Sound of the Life of the Mind.”

Band of Horses Mirage Rock
The mellow sounds of Band of Horses continue to develop as the band releases its newest album Mirage Rock. Moving from the early days of more slow and lyrically contemplative tracks on Cease to Begin and Infinite Arms, Band of Horses musical repertoire has expanded. The band is developing its down-home feel, with heavier drums and a range of new sounds.

The first single from the album Knock Knock, was released in July, and features drums in its already folksy sound. How to Live adds more country twang, while A Little Biblical comes off as a little California beachy. Longtime fans will find solace in softer songs such as Slow Cruel Hands of Time.

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Hannah Feig