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Students can attend Bucs game for reduced price

USF students will now be able to purchase tickets to the Oct. 21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New Orleans Saints for $15.

The first 1,000 students to buy a ticket, which will be sold by Student Government (SG) through a Touchnet software system, can purchase them at this $15 rate. Any students after the initial 1,000 can purchase tickets at a special $30 rate, which will be made
available to faculty members as well.

They didnt want to even give us that game, Brian Goff, student body president, said. Its been said that it will be the best game of the season.

Goff said he hopes this game will lead to a future long-term partnership with the Buccaneers.

Future student discounts will depend on demand, and both SG and the Buccaneers will be looking at the attendance for this game, Goff said.

Buses will be available to transport students to and from the stadium, where there will also be free pizza and a tailgate event.

The event will cost an estimated $36,000, which includes the tickets, transportation and refreshments for tailgating, Goff said.

It sounds like a lot, but its actually very cheap once you consider that were getting a $60 ticket for a quarter of the price, Goff said. Plus, students will get to sit with a thousand other USF students instead of strangers.

The cost of regular tickets to a Buccaneers game starts at $39 and goes up based on seat levels and when the tickets are purchased. For many games, it is even difficult to purchase a ticket.

The SG Senate approved funding for this event during its meeting Tuesday.

This program was part of Goff and his running mate, student body Vice President George Papadeas campaign platform last spring. Goff and Papadeas wanted to get students access to special programs anddiscounts through localcompanies, and announced a discounted student pass to Busch Gardens this year.

Attractions, like Busch Gardens and professional sporting events, are really under utilized right now, Goff said. These attractions can be expensive, making them less accessible to students.

Students are already excited about the possibility of a cost-effective way of attending a game.

Thats the bomb dot com, said Jackie Coronado, a junior majoring in marketing. I would go. I think thatsawesome, even though Im not really a Buccaneers fan.

Joe Lucas, a juniormajoring in management andmarketing, said the new rate will make the game affordable for a college student.

I went to a Bucs game once and spent over $100 on tickets, food and stuff, Lucas said. This sounds like it would make it affordable. If it costs too much, it isnt worth it.