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Dress for success without splurging

With multiple career andinternship fairs happening at USF this month, the need to dress the part of anexperienced professional is at its highest.

The Oracle has some easyfashion tips to help you look the part and land the job or internship of your dreams.

Mens interview clothing choices are relatively simple.

Unless you are applying for a job at a law firm or for a businessposition, spendingmonth on athree-piece suit is unnecessary.

A good pair of slacks not jeans that are well-tailoredand professionally pressed will takeyou far in impressing a future boss. You can find someavailable for under$100. Perry Ellis Outlet at 4902 W. Waters Avenue has avariety of high-end slacks that can
fly off racks as cheap as $8 a pair onsales days.

Pairing the slacks with an ironed and unstained button-down shirt – along-sleeved Oxford will usually do the trick and an understated tie isguaranteed to garner favorable results. Macys at University Mall frequentlyhosts one day sales, and often sells quality shirts for under $20. Ross is theperfect rack to scan for ties, which can go for as little as $5. Also, anecessary is a clean pair of dress shoes, shined until you can see your reflection in the leather.

Its worth it to pay a little more and get a better-looking shoe, asbosses tend to notice things like this.

While there is no need to break thebank on a pair of Bruno Maglis, investing in a good, solid-coloredshoe, even from Payless, is
well-worth the price.

Finally, men, do not underestimatethe importance of personal grooming.Nails should be trimmed and freeof dirt, and facial hair should be neatly trimmed, if not shaved off altogether. And whilelonger hair has enjoyed a comeback lately; avoid being too trendy with yourhairstyle: no employer will be impressed by how closely your hair resembles Justin Biebers.

Womens interview wardrobeselections are a bit morecomplicated, as there are many more styles to choose from. A nicelytailored pantsuit is always asafe bet, but many postgraduatesfind this look a little outdated and opt for something a bit more trendy. This can be achieved by pairing a nicely tailored jacket in a neutral color with a skirt ofappropriate length, but save the minis for the club. Old Navy has a great selection of career-friendlypencil skirts ranging from$25 to $30.

A blouse or sweater in aneye-popping shade can addpersonality and flair to business attire and will allow you to showcaseyour individuality without comingacross as over-the-top. A well-fitteddress in a solid color is also a nice choice for an interview. Take
advantage of the solid brightcolor block dresses that are in style.

Most of these are modest enough to be worn at an interview, yet funenough to show your potential employer that you have a little bit of moxie as long as the length of the dress is appropriate. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I wear this to a place of
worship? If the answer is yes, all systems go. If the answer is no, find another dress.

Forever 21 at Wiregrass Mall or Brandons Westfield Mall offers a selection of cheap and flattering dresses and blouses that range from $7 to $20.

As for shoes, heels are appropriate,but stay away from stilettosand other flashy footwear. Remember,this is a job interview, not a night outin Ybor.

Capitalize on the current look of flesh-colored heels not only are they fashionable and classy, they are also great for elongating legs. Affordable pairs can be found at stores such as Target and TJ Maxx.

As for make-up and hair,keep it simple. No hair-sprayedbeehives, no garish blue eye shadowand no obvious lip liner. And, get rid of those five-inch acrylics with theelaborate decals. They impress no one,and theyre scary. Furthermore, you want to be able to hold a pen when you sign youremployment contract, dont you?