Time to stampede, Bulls!
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Political playlists for passenger perils

Inhonor of the RNC this week, The Oracle has compiled a list of songs pertinent to theConvention. This playlist will come in handy when you find yourself stuck in traffic for two, three or four hours while Mitt Romneys cavalcade makes its way ever-so-slowly from his hotel to the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

1. God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

This one is a no-brainer. Greenwood is playing in Tampa during the convention, and God Bless the USA is a favorite among Republicans. The song embodies the spirit of the capitalist American dream without any mention of greed or in- equality.

2. Black Republican by Nas (Ft. Jay-Z)

A perfect fit for the RNC. While there is argument that the song is an ironic statement about the Republican Party and American politics in general, we can set aside these questions for this special week and bask in lyrics such as I feel like a Black Republican, money I got comin in.

3. The Infanta by The Decemberists

The Decemberists are solidly anti-Republican, having sup- ported Barack Obama during his 2008 run for President. However, this song, which begins with the line Here she comes, in her palanquin/on the back of an elephant/on a bed made of linen and sequins and silk… smacks of Republican imagery. In fact, I imagine Ann Coulter will arrive at the Forum in this exact fashion.

4. New Day by Kanye West and Jay-Z

Kanye West is anothernon-Republican.Remember his President Bush doesnt care about black people spiel? But we wont let that bother us. New Day speaks of Wests prospective offspring, of whom he claims.I might even make him be a Republican. So theres a possibility that Kanye and Kim may have a son active in the Young Republicans.

5. America Will Always Stand by Randy Travis

Randy Travis was supposed to play at one of the concerts during the RNC, but that was before he got drunk andnaked. Still, this song, written by Travis in response to the 9/11 tragedy, is as patriotic and emotionally exploitative as a song can be.

6. Ocean

Super Rich Kids by Frank

Children of 1 percent, the target of many of the protests going on at the convention, can certainly appreciate the lyrics of Super Rich Kids, the likes of which include The maids come around too much/ Parents arent around enough…

7. American Girl by Tom Petty

When Michele Bachmann threw her hat into the presidential ring, she made amistake and used this as her theme song. That made Tom Petty mad, because he didnt support Bachmann. Bachmann ceased using the song, but in the end it didnt really make a difference, as her campaign never really took off. But since she liked it, it must be a good, Republican song. Theres always next time. Especially since shes an American girl, raised on promises…

8. Born Free by Kid Rock

Now heres a song written about Republicans, for Republicans, by an actual Republican. Kid Rock will be playing in Tampa this week, and this song is sure to bring the crowd to its feet, especially when Kid Rock sings You can knock me down and watch me bleed/but you cant keep no chains on me.

9. Wake Up by The Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire is from Montreal, so they cant place a vote in this election. Wake Up is an excellent option for a song that could be employed to incite Republican rage against the current administration. Children, wake up/hold your mistake up/before they turn the summer into dust. Obviously the Republicans will argue that the mistake is Obama, and the time is now to wake up and vote Mitt. Its a great song full of good, old- fashioned strength and vitality. Them are fightin words!

10. Only In America by Brooks & Dunn

Usually when we hear the phrase only in America, there is some kind of ironic connotation behind it. Not so with this gem by country duo Brooks & Dunn, which makes this song a refresh- ing change from the overly self-aware country music that is so often played on CMT. Only In America emphasizes the good fortune we have to live in a country that is free and full of possibilities. With a heavy guitar and easy lyrics to remember, this is one song perfect for Republicans who like to fist-pump and clink beer steins. They dont call it the Grand Old Party for nothing, you know.