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iPhone update has 200 new features

Students iPhones can get an upgrade this fall. At Apples annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11, the next version of the iPhones operating system was announced iOS 6. There are more than 200 new features, but here are five of the best:

1. Maps Say goodbye to Google Maps, iPhone users. Apple is ditching it for a self-developed Maps application that brings turn-by-turn directions to i-Devices, a feature Android users have had for a while. In addition, Maps offers a flyover feature that shows detailed 3-D renderings of major cities and landmarks. The app also has traffic information and searchable points-of-interest, much like Google Maps.

2. Facebook integration Instead of opening the Facebook app to post a picture or status, that function is built into iOS. Take a picture, hit the share button at the bottom of the screen, and a Facebook icon pops up that can upload it straight to the News Feed. Its exactly like current Twitter integration, so third-party applications can also take advantage of this feature.

3. Siri gets updated Nearly a year after its introduction, snarky voice assistant Siri will get a slew of new features in iOS 6. Shell be able to make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, pull up sports scores and update Twitter or Facebook. Siri can also launch directly into any app if asked. Sean Hill, chemistry junior at LSU, said the Siri upgrade is one of his most anticipated features. Ill definitely use Siri more, he said. Ill use it for the movies [a lot.]

4. Passbook Passbook is Apples all-in-one movie, plane, train and game ticket holding
application. The app also holds rewards cards from major retailers and other organizations. While great for major metropolitan areas, its usefulness may be limited in more rural areas. Hill mentioned hes worried about its usefulness in Baton Rouge.

I dont know if our theaters will take the [virtual] movie tickets, he said.

5. Not Disturb, Callback Reminders Tired of waking up to a bright phone screen at 3 a.m.? A new feature called Do Not Disturb fixes that problem. Once turned on, all notifications from all applications are silenced no buzzes or beeps. Its possible to make exceptions for certain individuals, but the iPhone is otherwise cut off from the outside world. The texts, calls, emails and updates will still be sent to the phone, but it wont make a sound. Users will also get several options after rejecting a phone call. iOS 6 makes it possible to make a reminder to call someone back in an hour, or whenever you reach a certain location. Or you can send a text message letting the person know why their call was rejected.

While all these features are great, not every iPhone owner will be able to enjoy all of them. Siri and Maps arguably two of the biggest updates wont be coming to the iPhone 3GS, 4 or iPad 2.

Only the iPhone 4S and new iPad will receive all the features of iOS 6.