Album review: The Grateful Dead- Daves Picks Vol. 2

The Grateful Dead uniquely blends Americana, jazz, acid rock, and folk coupled with their long, kaleidoscopic improvisational jams.

With this exceptional second installment in the Daves Picks series, Daves Picks is proving to be just as groundbreaking as its former counterpart, Dicks Picks. Tape archivist, David Lemieux, re-masters each concert from the original soundboard reels, transforming shows with mediocre sound quality into wonderfully crisp masterpieces that would tantalize any audiophile. At times it becomes hard to believe that Vol. 2 was recorded in 1974.

Recorded on July 31, 1974, Daves Picks Vol. 2 contains many heady favorites such as Jack Straw,China Cat Sunflowerand a rare Scarlet Begoniasshow opener. This version of Weather Report Suite cannot be missed. However, the highlight of Vol. 2 is undoubtedly the 40 minute Truckin > Mind Left Body Jam > Spanish Jam > Wharf Rat.

Daves Picks Vol. 2 is a perfect introduction to the Dead for music lovers who havent had the chance to get into them yet. This album is also recommended as yet another gem for the Deadhead whos listened to and grooved with it all.