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Brian Goff, George Papadeas win runoff

Brian Goff, who had nearly lost his voice in a day of campaigning, stood among his screaming, jumping campaign members as he was named student body president by a margin of 159 votes.

According to preliminary results released from Supervisor of Elections James Bodden, Goff, a junior majoring in biochemistry, and his running mate George Papadeas, a junior majoring in business and marketing, received 53 percent of the 3,072 votes in the runoff election that began Tuesday. Sarah Pollei, a junior majoring in biology, and her running mate Antonio Morales, a sophomore majoring in criminology, took home 47 percent of the votes, Bodden said.

“I’m ecstatic,” Goff said. “Excited. It’s been such a long road, and we’re excited to get started.”

Bodden announced the results Monday night, half an hour after polls closed at 8 p.m., by pulling the Goff campaign’s bright blue T-shirt with a screenprinted necktie out of a manila envelope that sealed the results.

The crowd of Goff supporters erupted into chants.

“Lead us!” one said. “Give a speech!”

Papadeas, who said words couldn’t describe his “surreal” feeling, said he and Goff were ready to enter the job.

“We’ve spent months in preparation for this, and it’s finally paid off,” he said. “We said all these things, and now it’s time to really show students that we’re really going to do. When we get back from spring break, we’re going to hit the ground running.”

The SG Senate passed a bill Tuesday night that allows the president-elect and vice-president elect to collect full payroll benefits and gives control of SG funds immediately after spring break before they take office in May. The president earns $10.25 an hour at 39 hours a week.

“It will allow the new administration to start creating what their administration will look like,” said student body Vice President Zachary Johnson. “We’re going to make sure the transition is a very thorough and organized process.”

Pollei and Morales, who received 1,455 votes according to Bodden, hugged Goff and Papadeas before the results were announced, but left shortly after the announcement.

“I did a great job in instilling inspiration in students,” Pollei said. “I was able to put a spark in a lot of students who felt they didn’t have a voice and I was able to represent them. I showed them you don’t have to be in a fraternity or sorority or have money to get somewhere.”

Pollei said she plans to apply for SG positions to continue her platform and hopes to see the new administration deliver.

“I hope to see (Goff and Papadeas) fulfill all their promises that they made throughout their campaign because they did make several promises,” she said. “I hope they fulfill those to the degree they promised. I’m excited for George because I’m close with him and I know this was on his bucket list, so I’m glad he can cross that off.”

Papadeas said he and Goff are ready to take office immediately.

“Brian wants to go into the SG office (today,)” he said.