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Polytechnic evacuated for false bomb threat

The day before the Florida Senate was set to discuss a bill that would immediately dissolve the USF Polytechnic campus, a bomb threat led to a campus-wide evacuation Wed.

“A bomb threat was received and the USF Poly campus in Lakeland has been evacuated,” stated a MoBull Alert text message sent out at 12:09 p.m. “The police are searching the premises and will provide an update soon as to when it is safe to resume activities.”

Polk County Sheriff deputies were on scene at the Lakeland campus to search the premises. At 1:50 p.m., a second alert was sent out, giving clearance to “resume activities” because the police did not find anything suspicious.

According to the Lakeland Ledger, “The campus was evacuated after someone called the college just before noon to warn of a bomb on campus.”

Two bomb threats were reported at the Polytechnic campus last summer.

Reporting by Diedra Rodriguez