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Select, SG students eligible for tickets

Between 50 to 100preselected USF studentswill have the chance to attend tonight’s debate.

USF spokeswoman Lara Wade-Martinez said thestudents were “vettedappropriately,” to ensure they were cleared through security procedures. The exact number of tickets available is still unknown.

Students were selectedby professors workingin the Media Center Spin Zone, a designatedarea where media caninterview local experts and candidates, and remainingtickets were turned over to Student Government (SG).

All tickets were initiallygiven to the debate’ssponsors – NBC, the Tampa Bay Times and the National Journal. All Student Government (SG) senators were placed on a standby list last week to fill any empty seats in Theatre I.

An email sent from Lindsay Lewis, SG director of Governmental Affairs, requested all SG senators to represent USF appropriately for NBC cameras.

“Please remember, you are representing the University of South Florida and there is a chance that you will be on TV,” she wrote. “No disruptive behavior will be permitted. Any guests who do so will be immediately removed from the theatre.”

All other students will be able to attend a watch party in a tent outside the theater beginning at 7:30 p.m.

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