SG committee chairman ousted out of office

A Student Government (SG) senator was voted out of his position Tuesday night for violating statutes.

Senators voted for Programming and Audits Committee Chairman Ayaz Hemani to leave his position after he disobeyed SG statutes by conducting a meeting and not recording its minutes. He will still retain his senator status.

On Nov. 22, following a Senate meeting, Hemani met with a member of his judicial branch in private to get their opinions on applications for funding student organization’s events.

“It was a discussion, a conversation between two people. I needed to ask people which questions they had written down,” he said. “I did not personally see it as a meeting, I saw it as, ‘I am approaching my committee members to see their feedback on the applications.'”

Hemani was also accused of not sending out an agenda for his committee’s meeting, which was held on Nov. 18. As a result, that meeting was canceled. However, according to SG statutes, he had to cancel the meeting 24 hours prior to its scheduled time – he canceled it three hours before it was supposed to start.

“It is not a decision I made lightly,” said President Pro Tempore Rachel Brown. “I really care about all my senators and this isn’t an easy decision, but a law was broken. A very serious law was broken.”

During the meeting, Hemani said he understood that his actions were against SG policy. However, he said the meeting was only an opinionated discussion and not a professional meeting that would affect the committee. He also said he was working during the time in which he had to send out the Nov. 18 cancellation email.

The senators voted 31 to 5 to remove Hemani from his position, with one abstained vote.