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Real life super hero arrested, unmasked, fired from day job

For the past few years, a masked, vigilante crime fighter, who goes by the alias “Phoenix Jones,” has been roaming the streets of Seattle, looking to inject himself into dangerous situations.

The Washington hero, usually equipped with a stun baton, pepper spray, handcuffs and a first-aid kit, was arrested last month and charged with assault after involving himself in a quarrel outside a nightclub.

Phoenix Jones was unmasked and revealed as Ben Fodor, a teacher working for the Department of Social and Health Services teaching life skills to autistic children.

According to Saturday’s Seattle Post Intelligencer, Fodor, who was fired from his job after being arrested last month, wants to return to work teaching children. A final decision on whether police will file charges has not yet been made.

Phoenix Jones has appeared on “60 Minutes” and “Good Morning America” to talk about his dangererous after-hours hobby.