Letters to the Editor 9-12-2011

In response to Lee Roy Selmon’s passing:

Most people saw Lee Roy Selmon as an iconic football player and a Tampa Bay star. For others, he was a friend, a colleague, a husband, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a brother, a son and a role model. Just last Tuesday, my co-workers and I were trying to convince Lee Roy to get a Twitter.

We all work in Athletics and saw him regularly. We told him not to hesitate because he would instantly have many followers, but he surprisingly remained humble and said he would just have to pray about it.

Lee Roy was definitely a role model for me. Because of his wonderful influence, my personal faith is stronger. I feel fortunate to have been able to work alongside him. During the summer, Lee Roy would always ask me how my classes were going, and though I replied timidly, he’d say, “Oh, you will do great! You’ll be fine!” Coming from someone who had so many other obligations and better things to do, I was grateful that he extended the effort to encourage me. Perhaps he was just being friendly, but he gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my studies.

Now I fully understand how much of a blessing it was to have had the connection with Lee Roy that I did because many people were not as fortunate to meet him in person. If they were able to meet him, I’m sure they would have seen him as the nicest man that ever lived. The last time I saw him was last Wednesday, and if I could rewind time, I’d remember to say a few more words to him, like “See ya on Tuesday!” or “Enjoy your weekend!”

Although coming into work on Tuesday was difficult, knowing that Lee Roy was not going to be there, I know there will be many more treasurable days to come as long as I think of Lee Roy as someone who is still alive. Lee Roy practiced what he preached and he faithfully walked the road with God. For all of those who are grieving, I want to remind you that he is not truly gone, but still alive in spirit. And lastly, I want to thank Lee Roy Selmon for making a positive difference in my life, and I want to thank his family for being with him.

Jessica McKay is a sophomore majoring in nursing.


In response to ducklings on campus:

I am writing in regards to a matter on campus that is a sad and serious issue. The water system pipes in the ponds around campus are becoming death traps for young ducklings.

A simple solution would be to cover these pipe openings with wire screens. It is inexpensive, not labor-intensive and will save these ducklings’ lives!

I love sitting by the ponds watching and feeding all of the ducks, as I know others do. I urge USF officials to take action immediately and fix this problem so that no more ducklings have to die!

Trista Brophy is a senior majoring in environmental science and policy.


There are baby ducks dying everyday on campus; help save their lives! There are baby ducks falling in storm drains and dying. The University has been made aware, but is refusing to take any action.

I urge all students to pressure the school officials to cover the drains with mesh so that the baby ducks do not fall in. You can find more information on the Facebook page, “Save the USF Baby Ducks.”

Edgar Wong is an alumnus who majored in engineering.