Rundown for Record Store Day

Saturday marks the fourth annual Record Store Day, on which local stores celebrate vinyl’s renewed popularity with concerts, discounts and exclusive record releases.

According to, five Tampa and St. Petersburg record stores are participating in the holiday, which features more than 100 special record releases.

Warner Bros. Records (WBR) will offer “Side by Side” 7-inches that include one WBR band’s rendition of another group’s song and the original. For instance, Green Day will cover ’80s Minneapolis melodic punkers Hsker D’s 1986 single “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely.”

Other bands will even release new full-lengths like Toronto hardcore group F—– Up’s concept album “David’s Town,” where the group masquerades as 11 bands from the fictional British town of Byrdesdale Spa during 1977.

Though Tampa music mainstay Vinyl Fever closed its doors in February, other local record stores still plan to partake in Record Store Day festivities.

Mojo Books & Music at 2558 E. Fowler Ave. will offer 10 percent off of all their used records, free Pabst Blue Ribbon and an in-store concert that starts at 9 a.m. with no definitive ending time.

The concert features local bands such as Diamond Man, and will stretch into the store’s new second location – a former bank within the same Fowler Avenue plaza.

Mojo Books & Music co-owner Melanie Cade said both the size of the store’s celebration and list of special-release records are bigger than they’ve ever been in the event’s history.

“This year, I’d say there’s maybe three times more releases, and we’ve done at least three times more ordering than we did last year,” Cade said.

The store’s owner Dan Drummond said that many customers have called about the Flaming Lips’ new box set “Heady Nuggs,” as well as Pearl Jam and Of Montreal’s new releases.

“People call every day and say, ‘You got this? You got that?’ and we don’t know until the last minute what we’re getting,” Drummond said. “We order from a lot of distributors.”

In St. Petersburg, Daddy Kool Records, located at 666 Central Ave., will also be selling limited-edition records and hosting all-day concerts.

The first show begins at noon at Fubar, while another starts at 3 p.m. at The Local 662, with acts including indie-folksters The Sun Society and post-hardcore band Guiltmaker.

Kristin Stigaard, a junior majoring in mass communications at the St. Petersburg campus and a Daddy Kool Records employee, said the store earned $6,000 in 2010 and hopes to earn $10,000 this year.

“Last year, we didn’t realize how many people were going to come out, and there were lines out the door of people trying to buy stuff,” Stigaard said.

As someone “who listens to records all day,” Stigaard said she is also anticipating Record Store Day for new records to add to her collection.

“I’m really excited about a Death Cab for Cutie 7-inch, and there’s a Manchester Orchestra 7-inch that’s coming out,” Stigaard said.

Outside of downtown St. Petersburg at 2887 22nd Ave. N. is Bananas Music, which offers 10 percent off all used vinyl, tacos from Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant and local bands on the store’s built-in stage.

Rolling Stone named the store as one of the country’s top 25 record stores, and their vinyl warehouse houses more than 3 million records.

Bananas Music’s owner Doug Allen said no store is guaranteed to carry that much sought-after, limited-edition colored vinyl print, but this encourages multiple record store visits.

“We ordered a bunch of things, but the thing people don’t realize about Record Store Day is you don’t always get what you order,” Allen said. “It’s kind of a catch-all.”

Overall, Allen said Record Store Day helps maintain a renewed interest in the aisles of one’s local record shop.

“It’s certainly a great thing that they’re trying to do for independents since around the country we’ve lost so many independents – including Vinyl Fever,” Allen said.

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The Flaming Lips – “Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002”

A box set collecting five of the Oklahoma psychedelia pop band’s critically acclaimed albums – including 1999’s “The Soft Bulletin” – into one package.

Nirvana – “Hormoaning”

A reissue of Nirvana’s rare 1992, international-only release, which includes covers of Devo’s “Turnaround” and the Wipers’ “D-7.” Sonic Youth’s EP “Whore’s Moaning” will also be released.

OFF! – “Live at Generation Records”

A live album from Los Angeles punk supergroup OFF!, in a live record competition that also includes Death Cab for Cutie and Mastodon releases.

Piebald – “Vol I-III”

A three-LP collection of Massachusetts indie group Piebald’s “best three albums,” according to the band.

Various Artists – “Side by Side”

Splits of Warner Bros. Records covers and originals that also includes Red Hot Chili Peppers covering the Ramones and Jenny and Johnny covering Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels.

Wild Flag – “‘Future Crimes b/w ‘Glass Tambourine'”

First-ever release from a new band with former Sleater-Kinney and Helium members.