Pi Kappa Alpha suspended pending abuse investigation

USF’s Pi Kappa Alpha (PKA) fraternity has been temporarily suspended pending a University investigation into an alleged abuse incident, University spokesman Michael Hoad said.

Several members of the fraternity allegedly abused another member. The University was notified of the incident, which occurred off campus, “toward the end of the day” Thursday, he said.

“As is normal, when something is under investigation, the fraternity is temporarily suspended,” Hoad said. “It sort of means that they won’t be able to conduct normal business for a while.”

Hoad said the University is “very concerned,” but will not take further action until police investigations are concluded. The Divsion of Student Affairs and University Police (UP) have begun their own investigations, he said, yet both are “dependent on the investigations of the police agencies involved.”

UP spokesman Lt. Chris Daniel said police aren’t currently investigating the incident “at the victim’s request.”

Hoad said the incident isn’t considered hazing because the victim was already a member of the fraternity.

“It’s not technically hazing because he is not being initiated,” Hoad said. “He was already in the fraternity. Whatever the charges end up being, they won’t be hazing charges. It could be battery. It could be whatever else police decide to charge them with.”

PKA’s chapter adviser Donald Post said members would not yet comment on the incident, but are “cooperating fully with all the investigatory agencies in this situation.”

Representatives from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached for comment.