Tampa hosts top teams

Some of the best ultimate Frisbee teams from across the nation traveled from as far as Minnesota and Colorado to meet at USF Friday for a three-day round robin tournament at USF’s Fowler Fields.

The field included last year’s national champions from the University of Florida, as well as last year’s national runner-up, Carleton College. Seven other teams participated including USF’s Scallywags.

The UF Frisbee club initiated the idea for the tournament, but was unable to secure playing fields in Gainesville. Instead, they turned to their neighbors at USF.

USF ultimate club President Stephen Ierardi said he was eager and humbled to help organize the tournament in exchange for a chance to play against high-caliber teams.

“The coordinator for Florida ultimate sent us an e-mail about the end of November, early December, asking us to host the tournament for them,” he said. “We said, ‘Yes, man, we’d love to play the best teams in the nation.’ Ever since then it’s been a hundred e-mails back and forth and these teams getting everybody together.”

The competitors included perennial national title contenders and last year’s national runners-up Carleton College’s CUT. Carleton won the tournament with a 14-12 victory over Colorado Mamabird. Alex Evangelides, one of CUT’s senior captains, said he was pleased with the team’s performance.

“It was great that this tournament got organized. To play this well this early is great,” he said. “We’re a small team from up in rural Minnesota where there’s feet and feet of snow on the ground so we were excited to come up.”

Playing against marquee teams, USF went 0-8 in the tournament, finishing ninth.

USF will continue its season by sending three teams to Tallahassee next weekend to compete in the Tally Classic.