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Leddy steps down as SG Supervisor of Elections

With just weeks until the Student Government (SG) elections, Supervisor of Elections Christopher Leddy resigned Friday.

Jennifer Belmont, senate president, said she could not comment on why Leddy resigned because it was a “private issue,” but said it was a “conflict of interest that would occur if he were to stay on (in the position).”

In a text message to The Oracle, Leddy, a senior majoring in political science and history, said, “I resigned on Friday. The new Supervisor of Elections is Andrew Uhlir.”

Belmont said Uhlir was originally Deputy Supervisor of Outreach, where he had to communicate with the marketing department to find local sponsorships for the election.

“Basically, according to statutes, there’s a line of succession and since Andrew held the position and had the highest rank he was next in line and was able to pick it up,” she said. “The transfer of power was also relatively quick because (student body president) Cesar (Hernandez) and (vice president) Spencer Montgomery were in constant communication with both of them about the situation that had occurred that had Mr. Leddy resigned. They were preparing for it before the resignation occurred.”

SG elections begin Feb. 21. However, approval for the candidates who are running is scheduled for Jan. 31 to Feb. 4.

“That’s why everyone is trying to help Andrew as much as possible,” Belmont said. “As everyone knows, we constantly have trouble during election. We always strive to have it be the best election but we always have these issues that come up so we’re trying to divert it as much as possible.”

Uhlir, a junior majoring in political science, said he was surprised at first about being promoted, but is excited and confident about the elections.

“It is a small speed bump,” he said. “I don’t feel like it would be a major problem because of all the experience we have in the office. James Bodden is a deputy supervisor with me. He worked last year in the ERC (Election Rules Commission). He’s well experienced and goes above and beyond. I have him by my side. I think we’re doing pretty good.”

Gary Manka, the SG adviser, said he, graduate adviser Alissa Thomas, Hernandez, Montgomery,and Senate Pro Tempore Khalid Hassouneh will be meeting with Uhlir to help him transition.

“We have just enough time to do it before the election starts,” Manka said.

He said they are in the process of interviewing people to replace him as Deputy Supervisor of Outreach.

Belmont said they will make sure Uhlir knows the deadlines for voting and sending graphic requests to the marketing department, what’s in his budget and how to use it and “anything that he needs to know to make things go smoothly.”

Hernandez said Uhlir used to work as an SG intern in the Department of University and Community Affairs last year.

“What I liked about him is that he didn’t get a paid position. He worked for the experience … that spoke volumes to me,” Hernandez said. “As the ERC, if Chris Leddy trusted Andrew and had nothing but good things to say about him … if he trusted him I definitely trust him as well. I remember hearing that there are no worries because Andrew can pick up right away.”

Hernandez said he wants to learn what direction Uhlir wants to take in the SG election. Three more deputies have to be hired for the ERC.

Leddy could not be reached for further comments.