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Hangouts that hit the Bulls-eye

The end of winter break signals the start of new classes, as well as returning to your favorite off-campus hangouts. Scene & Heard, The Oracle’s online guide to entertainment, has compiled a list of our favorite Bulls Country locales that are often the target for meeting up with friends, studying for exams or grabbing a bite to eat. Whether you graduate in May or this is your second semester at USF, chances are high that you have been to at least one of these quintessential hangouts if you really call yourself a USF Bull.

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

1441 E. Fletcher Ave., 33612

If you need to satisfy your caffeine kick but are tired of the Starbucks staple, check out Kaleisia Tea Lounge for a quick drink and snack. With more than 100 loose leaf teas featured on their Wall of Tea, you can pick classics like Earl Grey or mix it up with Kyoto Cherry Rose, a mixture of green tea leaves, rose petals and a touch of cherry. You can have your tea hot or cold, but try it with boba (tapioca pearls) for an oddly delightful chewy texture. Kaleisia is a USF favorite to catch up on some studying or work on homework thanks to free Wi-Fi and comfy seating.

Panera Bread

11860 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., 33612

While it is not the most unique hangout on this list, it is hard to believe that you have even left campus whenever you eat at Panera Bread. Laptops and textbooks share table space with tasty sandwiches, giant bowls of salad and freshly baked pastries. Classical music like Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” sets the perfect academic tone for students finishing their online chemistry homework with the free Wi-Fi or taking part in a last-minute lunchtime study session before a government exam.

Peabody’s Billiards

15333 Amberly Drive, Tampa, 33647

Peabody’s is a favorite among USF students to have a few drinks, eat some wings and cheer our USF sports teams to victory when they are on the road. Students who like to play pool but can never find a free table in the Marshall Student Center can enjoy the 14 pay-by-the-hour tables at Peabody’s. With daily drink and food specials, there are always affordable options that easily align with meager college budgets.

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