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Pitbull cancels concert following car accident

As of Monday, the Miami-native rapper Pitbull was still on track to perform at USF’s Homecoming Parade After Party, but a Tuesday car accident made him change his plans.

Kristie Gerber, director of student activities at USF, said she learned of the Miami accident at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night. Because of injuries sustained during the accident, Pitbull will be unable to perform Friday.

“I know his physician said there is no way he can travel right now,” she said. According to, Pitbull fractured his hand on Monday.

Gerber gathered the Homecoming Steering Committee on Wednesday morning to brainstorm musical acts that could fill in at the event. They decided on musical comedian Bo Burnham.

“He does a sort of musical comedy,” Gerber said. “I don’t think he’s a musician and a comic. He is a musical comic.”

Amanda Stern, a sociology major and director of the Parade After Party, said replacing Pitbull with Burnham was her idea.

“I thought of him because he does musical comedy, and I kind of wanted to keep it as a musical theme,” she said. “I was disappointed about (Pitbull) cancelling because we put so much work into it. We started (planning) this summer … everyone seemed so excited about him, but life happens and we just have to roll with the punches.”

While searching for a replacement, the committee developed a list of available musicians: Nas, a rapper; Lloyd, a hip-hop singer; Shiny Toy Guns, an indie rock band and Jazmine Sullivan, an R&B singer.

Gerber said the committee hoped to host Nas or Lloyd, but neither could “find the routing logistics to get them here on time.”

Stern said she expects some students will be disappointed about Pitbull’s cancellation.

“I’m hoping they understand this is something completely out of our control,” she said. “I just hope people still come out and still have a good time. I hope this doesn’t put any sort of damper on our events.”

But Vanessa Polche, a senior majoring in accounting, said Pitbull won’t be the only one missing from the concert.

“I am disappointed because I am a senior and it is my last year,” she said. “I would’ve liked to go to the Pitbull concert, but it’s one of those things that there’s nobody to blame.”

Polche said she had never heard of Burnham before and does not plan to attend Friday’s event after seeing comedian D.L.Hughley perform Tuesday night.

“We already had a comedian … so it’s not like I want to have another show that’s a comedian,” she said.

Gerber said Pitbull will not be paid the $40,000 he would have earned for his performance. Burnham will receive $30,000 for his appearance.